About us

Contractor Business Tools, LLC has been providing sales, implementation and training services for Sage 100 Contractor (formerly Sage Master Builder) for over 20 years and we work with Sage Business Partners and clients across North America.  In addition, we are a Sage 100 Contractor Development Partner.


Gary has over 35 years industry experience and is a former contractor and Master Builder 'Master Trainer'. He has helped contractors both acquire and use Sage 100 Contractor (formerly Master Builder) since 1996.   Gary has a lot of experience in estimating and with inventory and inventory controls.


Kristina started her Sage 100 Contracting work in 2014 and became certified shortly thereafter.  She has a degree in Business Management and managed retail operations for several years.


DeAnn worked for contractors for several years and was an end-user of Sage 100 Contractor.  She has been certified with Sage 100 Contractor since 2017.

Lisa has worked with Sage 100 Contractor (formerly Master Builder) since 1995. She also is a former Master Builder 'Master Trainer' and is a Sr. Trainer affiliated with Sage. She has extensive accounting experience and often works as a short-term controller for her clients.

Our Story

Gary was a contractor for a number of years building houses, doing remodeling and light commercial work. He then managed a couple of lumberyards before starting to work as a consultant with what was then 'Master Builder'. He became a Solution Provider for Intuit when they owned the software and then has provided implementation and training services after the software was acquired by Sage. Contractor Business Tools, LLC also became a Sage 100 Contractor Development Partner and offers special utilities and custom programming for interfaces to Sage 100 Contractor.  We have slowly added to our staff and work diligently to provide our clients with best practices in their use of Sage 100 Contractor.